Big trade! Should I do it!?

Was offered Justin Herbert/Kenny G (I know he’s out this week)/Mike Williams for Allen Robinson. Full ppr league
Recievers right now are:
Allen Robinson, DJ Moore, Aj green, Antonio brown, John brown and Ceedee lamb
Qbs are Cousins and Wentz

To make sure I understand correctly, you would be receiving Herbert/Williams/Golladay and you would be giving away A Rob, correct?

Depending on how long your trades last (2 day vetoing period in my league), I would accept IF the trade takes place after Sunday. A Rob is your clear WR1 and you will need him this week, especially with the uncertanly surrounding AB.

Herbert has been smashing it and Williams has been benefitting as well. Kenny G was well on his way back to WR1 status before injury and hopefully he is only out a week.

Yeah I’ll see if he’ll wait till next week thanks bro! Just curious if I countered with DJ Moore for Herbert and Mike Williams you think that would be a good trade for me?

Id rather give up Moore over Robinson but I’m assuming your trade partner is looking at Robinson ROS schedule, so I doubt Moore get the same package. I agree with @recespieces31 wait till next week to move Robinson.

Or maybe see if he’ll do the trade for AB. I think his value is high right now due to anticipation.

Thanks for the response, would you do DJ for Mike Williams and Herbert?

Yeah I think thats a fair value IMO. I probably prefer Moore over Williams but getting the stack of Williams with them upgrade of QB is a good deal for me,