BIG trade to acquire CMC. Need help!

10 team, Superflex, PPR League - Start QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, Superflex, Flex (RB/WR/TE), TE

Current team:
QB: Kyler, Stafford, Goff
RB: Jacobs, J. Taylor, A. Gibson, M. Gordon
WR: Ridley, DJ Moore, Fuller, D. Samuel, Antonio Brown, S. Watkins
TE: R. Rodgers, Goedert

The deal would be to send Kyler, Gibson and Fuller for CMC and Terry McLaurin. Other players I could ask for would be Hunt, M. Sanders, Lockett, Godwin, Diontae Johnson or AJ Green. Now I’m not sure how the deal would look with those other players involved but I can explore it if it would make more sense than the current offer!

The only reason I’d be hesitant to make this deal is losing Kyler in a superflex league. He’s been huge for me but I feel like Stafford and Goff are viable and I’d probably pick up someone like Drew Lock to cover for Goff’s upcoming bye - he plays ATL on Goff’s bye (week 9) and is currently available for pickup. This trade is also assuming CMC gets back to form and performs like the player he was before the injury which is not a given. My RB stable SHOULD see a nice increase and my WRs will at worst be the same with the swap from Fuller to McLaurin.

Let me know your thoughts! Thanks!

Idk man. Kamara circa 2019 has me hesitant on CMC this year. Kamara came back and played and was good but he wasn’t great like he was in 2018 and this year. Tough to walk away from Kyler’s floor in a superflex.

Yeah, that was one of my concerns too. Saquon last year too. I’m very happy with Kyler’s floor also so I guess it’d be a decision on whether or not I believe CMC returns to form. Possible but not as likely as I may hope for. Thanks for the response.