BIG trade w/ CMC and Jefferson - ADVICE NEEDED!

I am currently in 3rd place at 6-4 in a 12-man full-PPR league. This week I am playing the last place team, so hopefully I can go 7-4.

I was just offered CMC and Justin Jefferson for Antonio Gibson, Chark, and Taysom Hill who I just picked up off the wire. What are the thoughts on this trade? Is CMC worth it for the play-off run? Can I get by without Gibson until he is back?

My team:

  • Wentz
  • Sanders, Gibson, Bernard, Ahmed, Scott, Wilson Jr. (IR), Jackson (IR)
  • Adams, Chark, Crowder, C. Davis, Jeudy, Samuel
  • Waller, Taysom Hill

Thoughts on this trade?

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Thats a pretty nice buy low on cmc its tough because you kinda need gibson but if you can get away with just rolling gio out for one more week hopefully cmc comes back and then youll be set

Id take it

I know. I am just worried about how injury prone he has been this year. The only other thing I am worried about is his BYE on week 13. Would they sit him until after the bye? A lot of unknowns with his shoulder.

But I feel like I am upgrading with Jefferson over Chark correct?

I totally get the injury and bye worry but being 7-3 you might be able to still get by and we all know what he is if hes healthy

Jefferson feels like a very slight up grade over chark. more of a solid lower floor and slightly limited ceiling for jefferson but chark has shown his ability to have huge games and bust others

I’d do it. Capitalize on the value of Hill while you can. You’re going to make the playoffs and if CMC is on your roster in the playoffs you can breathe easy. Also I like Jefferson over Chark too

Even with the news of Hill being the starter? How long do you think Brees will be out? Who do you like better Jefferson or Mike Williams?

Even if Brees is out for awhile who do you think will score more points? Hill + Gibson or CMC + Waller? CMC might be able to outscore both of them himself.
Plus you’re playing to win weeks 14-16. Sure Hill might be able to help you secure the first round bye but once Brees does come back Hill won’t do you any good.

Jefferson over Williams no doubt. Also never know when Williams will get hurt again.

I am not sure. If you need to win it’s risky looking to CMC. Gibson looks like he’s coming into his own which is looking really good. The bigger issue to me, and not sure who is really talking about it, but CMC is now injured twice in the same season. I’m not looking at him as ‘injury prone’ but rather Davis looks good while CMC is out. I think CAR is stupid to keep running CMC like he has been historically. IF he loses that stranglehold his value drops fast. Just something to consider.

Jefferson is a boss and it sucks to lose him. Maybe you pull Gibson / CMC out of it and just move on Jefferson. I love that guy and he’s not even comparable with M Williams. It’s Jefferson IMHO. Definitely over Chark as well, even though I’m high on Chark.

I hope any of this helps!

Thank you for all the advice. I was just offered Cooper Kupp for Gio Bernard from the Mixon owner. Pull the trigger on this? Upgrade my WR and keep Gibson and those guys?

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Sorry I replied from my old account. Thanks for the advice. I pulled the trigger and moved Old Gio for Kupp.

I’m trying to move Hill and Chark for CMC. I feel like I don’t miss out on much after upgrading with Kupp. Hopefully, hold CMC for playoffs.

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Can anyone give me thoughts on this trade:

CMC and Jefferson for Hill and Gibson?

Worth it?

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Glad you got Kupp. That’s a nice piece for sure.

Your other trade is tough. I think I’m actually on the Hill/Gibson side. I loooooooooooooove Jefferson, but MIN is not always pass friendly if they can avoid it. CMC will IMHO get his touches limited after 2 injuries in the same year and Davis looking good. Hill has (admittedly) moved from boom/bust to much more dependable in KC. Looks like they are Kelce/Hill and then everyone else. That’s an important upgrade on a pass first team. Gibson appears to be ascending and I’m gobbling him up everywhere I can.

While the allure of CMC is there and Jefferson is a darling for sure, I think I want Hill / GIbson. It’s not by a tonne, but that’s how I’d choose.

Do it! Ahmed and bernard will be enough to beat a last place team. Plus thielen may miss with covid so jefferson could be a boom. CMC is like a cheat code to add for the playoffs