Big trade, who wins? Is it an unfair trade?

We are having a league vote right now on this trade, some think its an unfair trade and some don’t.

Dalvin Cook


Josh Gordon
Royce Freeman
Christian Kirk

Full PPR 10 man league

which side wins and is it an unfair trade (worthy of a veto)?

The top side wins that trade easy.

fair trade i lean to the side getting ingram and cook slightly tho

I actually think I would rather have the bottom half of that trade…Barkley has been such a stud, Gordon should get better the longer he’s in NE but he’s risky, Freeman is a nice #2 back, and Kirk is an upside play but most likely not worth anything due to Arizona’s offense being so bad…I wouldn’t mind giving up the top half at all…Ingram is coming back from suspension so you can only hope that he produces like he did last year, cook has potential but he’s also been injury prone so far in his career and he also admitted this past week that he is not 100 percent healthy, ridley and boyd are both hot right now but I don’t think I would trust them to continue for the rest of the year

I think a better trade would have been to take Kirk and one of Boyd and Ridley. It seems lopsided but not enough to veto. let it ride.

I think at first glance it looks like a big win for the top team but actually it’s very close and i don’t think you can tell at least not for a few weeks maybe longer.

Need to see if Gordon and Kirk get some solid play and production, equally need to see if Ridley stays hot and Cook and Ingram get back to top form after injury and absence. Very close right now to call. Top team as of production this week likely but long term - tough!

On the Veto, you never veto anything that isn’t clear collision they have no place in fantasy football. It takes two sides to agree a trade, let people manage their teams however they want, what you deem fair may not be the same to someone else.

The Rb’s being traded is fair enough, the WR’s being traded is not… Boyd & Ridley > Gordon (if he plays and not to mention julian is back and reliable) Kirk

thanks for all the replies guys. I pretty much stand in the fact that i think top wins a bit more but not enough to veto. Open to more opinions if theres any out there

You can’t veto this trade… seems fair

Bottom half of the trade easily wins this, giving up Barkley so early on hurts but getting ingram and cook makes it a bit better. Takes the real W by getting Boyd and Ridley for a murky Josh Gordon and an untrustable Josh Rosen led Kirk. Freeman has yet to show any real RB 2/3 value but he looked O-K last night.