Big Trade, Worth It?

The offer is Maclin or Crowder and D. Johnson for Hunt… I have Freeman and Cook. what do ya’ll think?

Are you giving up Hunt or getting Hunt? How many RBs can you start each week?

Im giving up hunt, 2 RB with flex option.

No I would not do that. Yeah DJ may be back for FF playoffs but it’s also very likely Arizona has no shot at the playoffs and don’t risk bringing him back at the end of the season.

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Yikes. Unless you’re really hurting at WR, I wouldn’t touch that. DJ won’t be available until playoffs most likely - if at all. If the Cards are out of contention by the time he’s eligible to return, they’ll probably just shut him down for the season. Meanwhile, starting Freeman, Cook, and Hunt every week sounds SUPER attractive. Basically 3 RB1s every week… sign me up for that.

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I wouldn’t do it

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Thanks for the input.