Big trade would you take it?

Give: Conner, Golladay, Hollywood
Get: D Hop, Mark Ingram

I have
RB: David Johnson, L Bell, Conner, Melvon Gordon, Singletary
Wr: Golladay, Michael Thomas, Chark, Hollywood, Dorsett, Diggs

What do you think?

Ingram > Conner
Hop > golladay and hollywood

mash accept especially with gordon returning

I would. You get upgrades at 2 positions IMO. Ya you give away Hollywood which kind of hurts, but you will have to top 5 WR’s and then you can flip either Fordon or Ingram if you want to for another WR.

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accept that right away. like @dgreen7 said, you are upgrading. How you wound up with DJ, LB, JC, MG, and Singletary is beyond me. You already have an amazing lineup. go ahead and make it better. You WR’s are too solid, but Hopkins is only going up this season. You’d have to think that the past 3 weeks are his floor. If you don’t finish top 4 in the league, then it means the world ended and the season did not get a chance to finish.

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