**big trade**

I was just offered this trade. Assuming because of J.Robinson’s big Thursday night games.

League Rules
6pt TD
Full PPR
.1pt per yard rushing
.1pt per passing yard (yes I know)

QB-Lamar Jackson (BAL)
RB-James Robinson (JAX)

QB-Drew Brees (NO)
WR-Clyde Edwards-Helaire (KC)

Hmm certainly tempting…are there still any decent QBs on your waiver??
What’s the rest of your team like?

That is a trade in the favor of the other team.

Brees is quite a large down grade from Jackson right now. Brees, and NO overall, are struggling w/o MT in the lineup. Jackson is cruising right now and he hasnt needed to pile up the rushing yet.

Robinson for CEH is esentially the same value. Both are solid RB2s with RB1 upside. Yes, I understand CEH plays with Mahomes, however that isnt automatic fantasy relevance. Last week CEH only had 38 rush yds and 32 rec yds and it doesnt get easier with Bal Defense this week. Yesterday, Robinson just dropped 2 rush TDs and 83 rec yds.


I definitely wouldn’t do that.


Boil it down to points. On any given week Jackson and Robinson could score more points that Brees and CEH. Also there are weeks. Where you may consider benching CEH, like this week against Ravens DST. But you are never benching Jackson against any DST. Also that Robinson game last night wasn’t a fluke. He’s RB 2 material going forward.


Don’t do it. Too much of a downgrade from Lamar to Brees. Robinson looked great last night.

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Completely agree…the other team is trying to use old name value in brees and shiny new name value in CEH to trick you into thinking that it’s basically a 2 for Lamar with an rb just tossed in. They should’ve tried that before last night’s game.

Don’t do it

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Thanks to everyone who responded. I declined the trade but he countered with


Ask for CMC and CEH then hit the waiver wire looking for your QB streamers.

If you can get CEH to fill in now (replacing JR), CMC on your bench ready for the second half of the season/playoffs and you can make it work along the way with guys like carr/tannehill/fitzpatrick or whatever stream of the week you want, it could be worth it.

MOST importantly if you do make a trade, since Robinson just played I assume this trade can’t go through until next week. MAKE SURE that you say, agree upon, and inform the entire league that if any injuries occur during this week of play to those guys, the trade is dead.

Seems like a good trade.
Im not sure though. I don’t know whether or not I should/could shop J.robinson around to get a nice WR.


Lamar Jackson
Dalvin cook
J robinson
DeVante Adams
DeVante Parker
Mark Andrews
David Montgomery
Dan Bailey

RB- L.Fournette
WR-Marques-valdes scantling
WR-Shenault JR
RB-David johnson
WR-Corey davis
WR-Sammy watkins