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Big trade!?


Trade offer. I give up Kirk Cousins, AJ Green, and Demarco Murray for Michael Crabtree, Matt Ryan and Zeke. Should i accept? 10 team standard league


Man I feel like I would do this… You lose a WR 1 and RB2(should be 1)

For a RB1 and WR 2(could be 1)

And upgrade on QB…

Not sure your other WR… But anytime you can get zeke it’s usually good.

Any advice on mine as well would be appreciated


It depends on what you need but it’s a fair trade. You’re downgrading at WR to upgrade at RB.


Seems like a decent trade, but you have to in some way factor in the Zeke potential suspension. So it could win you a league but also completely screw you.