Big upside needed

.5 PPR league. My opponent started Cousins, Thielen, and Cooks Thursday night. Who has the higher ceiling between Will Fuller and Emmanuel Sanders??

Fuller, IMO. But it could end up being a shootout in Denver.

While I like Sanders this week against a week Chiefs’ defense, and I think the Broncos will be chasing for points the whole game it’s very hard to ignore Fuller’s potential with Watson. He had 20 targets the last two weeks!

Damn this is a hard one… If starting both was an option I’d probably do it…lol

The Texans might lean on the run against Indy. I’d probably go with Sanders. I hope someone else chimes in with a different perspective. I apologize, I know I didn’t help very much.

I know. I do wish I could start both, but I also have Davante Adams and Tyreek Hill.

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Yeah I definitely would keep those two in as well. You know, I’ve heard of this one technique on choosing players. I’ve never used it myself. You place a quarter on a Bible, say a little prayer, and flip it 3 times, best out of 3 wins!

If it were me, the one I sat on my bench would be the one to go with.