Big Zeke Trade...Should I do it?

I’m in a 3wr, 2 flex ppr league and have started off 0-3 (lost Sutton and Godwin too). I was just offered DJ. Moore, Mostart, Gaskin, Gallup for Zeke. Should I do it? I’d probably start all of them over players like Humphries/Rojo/Higgins.

I’d also need to drop 3 of: Pollard, Bernard, Ward, Thompson, Hamler.

Thoughts? I don’t normally trade the best player for 4 guys…but maybe that will help turn my season around.

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Anyone have opinions? I’m open to any thoughts to help me process what to do.

Can i see the rest of your lineup first? I’m inclined to say Yes but i want to see what else you’re working with.

Sure, thanks for the help.
QB: Allen, Rodgers
RB: Zeke, Mixon, Rojo, Pollard, Bernard, Thompson
WR: Godwin, AJ Green, Chark, Gage, Humphries, Higgins, Hamler, Ward
TE; Schultz

I’d need to drop 3.

Can you go back to him and see if he’ll take Pollard off your hands as well for an additional piece? You won’t really need him if you get rid of Zeke.

I’d almost never recommend trading a top 5 stud like that to anyone, but in your situation where your top options this week (Green and Chark/Gage) are all huge question marks, the points zeke gets won’t make up for there deficit. I think in the short term you have to make this trade, as you get Moore and Gallup who will both start for you this week and will likely continue to do so until Godwin returns. You still have Mixon (although i hate him and think he’s behind a terrible offensive line but it is what it is you have to make due with the best you got) and hopefully Mostert can return sooner rather than later as your RB2. Gaskin will do fine as a low end guy to at least fill the void till he gets healthy. If any of Green/Chark/Gage have good games this week, you can try and flip them for some better RB depth, maybe like a Todd Gurley or Melvin Gordon (if they have down weeks).

Of those guys i’d drop Higgins, Hamler, and probably Thompson. Although like i said, i’d check with the guy to see if he can throw in an extra piece for Pollard as well so he can lock up that backfield.

Thanks for your feedback and ideas. I agree with what you are saying - I normally don’t like giving up a top 3 player…but not sure that I have a choice as my roster is depleted and I need to win the next couple weeks.

I didn’t delete his trade offer - but I sent him one including Pollard for Moss. Gives me another option at RB. We’ll see what he says.

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IMO being down 0-3 you shouldn’t trade your best player, for an injured player, a boom or bust player, a low ceiling rb, and a player who has like 4 td in 30+ games

It’s tough.

PRO: you get guys to help now and some nice dynasty material moving forward. If you do not turn it around, you get a better pick.

CON: you have two good WR who are out for now, but one is coming back in a couple weeks. Zeke probably has enough left that he can still help out the next couple years. If this year keeps sucking for your squad, you have solid pieces for next year once healthy and a good pick position.

As much as I personally love the WR core of Godwin / DJM / Sutton / Chark / Gallup, the balance of keeping Zeke is probably better than adding Gaskin / Mostart who might not have their gigs next season. Sure, they might but it feels like they will not to me. Zeke will be there and Mixon will be fine by next year at least.

It sucks losing but I think your team moving forward is stronger as is. Either way, if it doesn’t turn around you get better picks so I’d keep my studs and settle in for a long season. Plus, Godwin / Chark returning might be enough to save you although I’d rather go for a plummet and better draft position if you lose week 4.

You’re speaking as if this league is a dynasty league, where i was under the impression it was redraft?

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Howdy! That could be my mistake. You are right in that I thought it was a dynasty league. Maybe I missed where it was stated as redraft, but you are correct in that my thoughts apply to dynasty. Sorry if I muddied the waters!

Thanks for all the help - it is a redraft league. He accepted the trade with Pollard and Moss included. We’ll see how it turns out…at least it will shake up my team.

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Would y’all trade Josh Jacobs for Julio and Monty? Asking for a friend

Depends on the rest of his team but face value? Nope

I was going to come in here and say NO without hesitation, then I saw that you’re 0-3 and hurt by injuries. Then I saw what you’re being offered and it’s A LOT. This trade could actually save your season. Zeke alone can’t turn things around. I agree with @jtess72 though. Try to throw Pollard in for a bit of an upgrade to the players you’re receiving. But DJ Moore is a nice upside player and Mostert will be solid all year as long as he gets healthy and stays healthy. As a Dolphins fan, I can tell you they LOVE Gaskin and he’ll continue to get huge volume.