Bigger Trade then Before

Would you trade Mike Evans and Michael Crabtree for Leveon Bell?

My WRs are Mike Evans, Michael Thomas, Dez Bryant, Michael Crabtree, and Adam Thielen

My RBs are LeSean McCoy and Joe Mixon along with some bench scrub

Yes id want Bell… only a few players in fantasy that can single handedly win you a week… plus youre decent at WR… M.Thomas, Dez, and Thielen should be more than enough with Shady and Bell lol… do it.

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You can but Evans has no byes and crabtree I like a lot will bell put up numbers yes but mixon will be stepping up big time and you have shady if your full ppr I’d say no

Mixon isnt even half of Bell and shady is an unreliable stud… so hed be drowning at RB while playing match ups with 6 solid WRs… Evans isnt the stud people think he is and his huge explosion games hes had lately are 18 points… with bell youre sad if you get ONLY 18 points… the trade is purely roster construction… if he only had Evans, Crabtree Thielen and bum WRs but 3 RB1s and 3 RB2s then obv dont do it but mixon will be lucky to break 20 points this season… Gio is still the guy when theyre trailing and Hill still gets carries.

Mixon will take the starting roll

He already has the starting role lol… Hill is just a complimentary piece… but Gio isn’t going anywhere… He’s too reliable in the passing game. There isn’t a single person who thinks Mixon will take over as a 3 down back… nobody has ever thought that even in preseason… the hope was that Mixon will take over Hill’s role… which he pretty much has if you look at Hill’s touches lately (4 carries this past week)… the problem is he’ll never work Gio out of a job so He’ll always be splitting work. Mixon is a decent RB2 don’t get me wrong… but there wont be a time this season where he’s the 3 down back with RB1 value.

I think this deal is a go. Bell is a bonafide stud and will have near 20 points every week. Still set at WR with thomas dez and thielen plus rb is loaded with mccoy (legit top 5-10 guy) and mixon who has a chance to blow up if cincy sticks to run. He had 7 carries for 48 yards in first half this week and just forgot about the run.

What was that you said ?

Lmao mixon has 1 game over 12 points (half ppr) in 12 games and you talk shit lol… in that case Derrick Henry is a pure stud… lets not forget you were talking up Shady Evans and Crabtree and telling him not to trade Evans and Crabtree for Bell lmfao. you were even more wrong throughout this thread than i couldve originally imagined lol… calm down child.