Bilal powell or jay ajayi

Need help deciding who to start this week powell or ajayi. Powell plays cleveland and forte is out so he seems safe, but ajayi has that monster potential even with bad games. My other rb start is todd gurley

Are you projected to win or lose your match up? If losing go for broke with Powell if winning maybe play it safe with Ajayi.
Fun fact Cleveland is allowing 87.3 yds/g rushing, tied for 8th best. Tennessee is 112.5 yds/g

I believe im projected to lose by like 5 though im sitting at 4-0 right now and regardless of this second rb i like my matchups better than my opponents. My main focus this week is getting ahead in overall points for the season because we award cash prizes for that

Ajayi is way more talented and Miami’s offense has way more potential but I cannot trust them…when you can’t put up anything vs. New Orleans, you have big problems. Powell is getting the carries and maybe the Jets aren’t as bad as we thought they were going to be. Ajayi hasn’t done much so far and I know he was probably your first round pick but until he does, I would park him assuming you have a decent alternative.

Honestly, you got to start Ajayi here. This is there first real home game and this is his make or break game in terms of ROS potential. He’s also clearly the more talented of the two and Gase should look to feed him this week. That being said, Powell is also a really good start so I’m curious as to who you other RBs are and if they aren’t named Fournette, Bell, Gurley or Hunt, I’d probably start both Powell AND Ajayi.

Actually i traded tyreek hill for him after week 1 lol so my other rb is gurley so yeah i can afford to sit him. Im just uneasy about the browns d line with garret coming back this week