Bill DEF for James Connor?

I would be trading away the Bills D and gaining Connor. Half PPR league.

I need the RB depth. He would be a fill-in piece for me and not a needed start weekly.

I think I should do it but, really on the fence and not sure which is why I am here.


The Buffalo Bills defense have been phenomenal and show no real signs that they won’t be excellent remainder of season. But I’m still doing the trade. If I’m light at rb and somebody offers me help for a dst I’ll need to accept even if they’re performing incredibly. I can find a streaming dst that keeps me competitive but if I need to go wire for rb I’m feeling less confident unless I’m loaded with faab or waiver priority and no handcuffs are owned.

Thanks for your note and explaining it out. I feel the same way for the most part- still hard to hit the button for whatever reason but, I think I should do it.

More details- my RB’s are Zeke and Corrderelle Patterson - behind that is Javonte and Tony Pollard. Pretty weak.