Bills or 49ers D/ST

Bills vs MIA or
49ers @ WSH

I have both but I am playing Bills.

The real question is what do you the next weeks? If you get rid of one, which one do you get rid off? Pittsburgh is out there and they play Miami next week. Decisions.

Yeah I’m dropping 49ers D for Steelers… last minute so no one can use them this week lol

That’s exactly what I’m doing!

Steelers actually have an awesome ROS matchups and I think I might ride with them the rest of season.

Brings up a good question: which defense would you ride with the rest of the season?


It’s tought to roster two D/STs or ride just one ROS, but for the time being I’d roll with the Bills, then the Steelers come playoff time

Id go Pit ROS and Buf this week.