Blake Bortles?

Matt Ryan is on bye and only startable QB on the wire is Bortles. I’m in a 16 team / 1 QB league where most have rostered 2 QBs.

Can I get away with streaming Bortles or do I need to try and make a trade for others benched QBs?

This is really tough. I would try and trade if you can get someone but only if you don’t have to give a lot. My concern with Blake is most of the time he can be serviceable because he lives for garbage time. The problem is, he is going to be on a very short leash this week so if he has a rough quarter or two he is going to get yanked. So I would shoot for someone else if the price is right.

Is Beathard out there? If went for 350 and 2 (with 2 picks) last time they played AZ. I know the game is a road game for him this time but I’d rather go with him than Blake if he is out there.

Waiver for QBs looks like this:

I got a trade Carr for Agholor. Agholor currently sits the bench in my league.

Bortles or Carr?