Blessed by the Keeper gods - Discuss with me

Hi footclan,

12 team, standard league, 1 QB, 3 WR, 2RB, 1 TE, 1 Flex keeper league. I drafted and played really well around the keepers last year, taking second place. This year i have a tough choice on who to keep. ULTIMATE VALUE.

I can KEEP TWO for their listed round cost
Derick Henry - Round 5 pick
Kenyon Drake - Round 8 pick
Nick Chubb - Round 10 pick

Im honestly torn on who to keep. I almost want to say Drake and Chubb just because of the later round value. Just listened to todays podcast and it didnt help me decide haha!

Background - no one wanted henry last draft so i got him in the 5th round. Drake was my keeper shot that ended up paying off in the 8th round. Chubb was my keeper last year after i had sniped him off waivers. (His draft cost goes down by 1 every year from where he was drafted. Limit of 2 years (so if i kept him he wouldnt be eligible for next year).

I would keep Henry and Drake.

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Same here, Henry and Drake.

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Y’all dont believe in chubb?

I do, and hes better value as a later pick, but I’d have the other two ranked higher, plus the caveat of only keeping chubb one more year means id lean the other 2

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True! I completely forgot my own important detail that id only get this year out of him. That is a big deal. Because next year Henry would be a 4th round and drake would be 7th.

Update: Still torn haha!

I think Chubb will be productive. But his upside is completed capped with Kareem Hunt.

Whereas, Henry and Drake have wide open ceilings.

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Henry and Chubb. This is a standard league and they are projected to to lead the league in rushing attempts. Drake is way riskier.

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