Block buster trade help

Got offered Bell and alsheon Jeffery for Julio and Melvin. Not interested there, but what about countering with bell+Amari Cooper or Shepard for Melvin and Julio?

Def would not do bell and shepard for melvin and julio. I would try and counter for Amari, but as the bell owner I would personally not take that trade

Can’t believe he’s shopping Bell. I assume he’s valuing Bell. But overall your 2 pieces are probably better than anything he’d want to give up.

I like the Bell/Cooper counter. But he’s asking for two high end #1’s. You can aim higher. What other receivers does he have?

Thanks for the feed back guys. He has Goodwin, Shepard, and Jeffery but that’s about all that have any kind of upside

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Also this is a 10 man half point ppr league

Looks like he’s trying to bait you with Bell. I’d love to have him on my team but not for that price.

I actually prefer your guys so dont do it

Sounds good thank y’all again for the help👍🏼