Blockbuster CMC Trade

Due to injury, underproduction, covid sit outs, and now suspension, i find myself needing to trade CMC even though i dont really want to. Which final WR or RB?

CMC + McKinnon for
Thielen, C.Carson, Crowder/Edleman/ R.Anderson/C.Edmunds

My Team
QB Cam, Herbert
RB CMC, Jacobs, McKinnon Swift, Gordon,
WR Locket, Allen, Hilton, Hardman Jeffery
TE Fant, Gesicki

I’d go for anderson there. Tons more upside and he is looking like the WR1


Thielen. He’s the number one receiver through the season so far, and you should try to get someone else as well. Probably a running back

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Hold CMC, he’s coming back week 7 probably

Or wait, you’re for sure getting Thielen and Carson? And you have to pick one more out of those last 3? Dang that person’s giving you their whole team :joy: Anderson for sure

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id get thielen, Carson, hyde and crowder right now. whats your thoughts

thielen, carson, hyde, crowder thoughts?

An update came out yesterday that CMC is going to be out until week 8

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