Blockbuster deal

My team stands as is:
QB: Wentz/Winston
RB: Hunt/Gurley/Ajayi/Carson/Perkins
WR: AJ/Fitzy/Alshon/Garcon/R. Matthews/Kupp
TE: Engram

I was talking trades w/an owner who is 0-3 and other than a few good players his team is going nowhere. Our league is a 2 keeper league and you keep a player for his draft round. So I can keep Hunt for a 4th next year & keep Ajayi again for an 8th or I could also keep Gurley for 1st. He just floated out there (not sure how serious he really was) sending me Lev Bell/Jordy/Kelce and Cam or Palmer for Hunt/Wentz and receiver of my choice. Am I being stupid wavering to pull the trigger on this deal? I feel like I’m worrying too much about the future & holding on to Hunt with his insane value at a 4th round pick next year when I can get Bell and Jordy in return for this year and make a beast of a team this year. If I were to make this deal, my only weak spot would be QB and I think I have the extra pieces to work a deal for a top QB.


I’m not a dynasty player but id always play for this year first as things change. Injuries, suspensions, loos of form or anything really. There’s no point building next year’s best team when you have the chance to win this year. And with jordy, bell, an upgrade at TE it seems like a no brainer to me. You have to take the deal!

I’m a huge believer in both Hunt and Wentz and like the poster above me said I don’t have too much input for keeper leagues, but that trade is actually very enticing. I think you win the deal and most likely the season if you make the trade, but it really depends how much you value keeping Hunt next season for the low price of a 4th and if you were also planning on keeping Wentz.?

I had no intentions of keeping Wentz just got stuck with him cuz of a couple players drafting a 2nd QB in the middle rounds. I’d keep 2 of these 3: Hunt (4th) Ajayi (8th) or Gurley (1st)