Blockbuster Dynasty Trade! Please Help!

Was offered Chase and Dobbins for Kupp and Akers/Henderson. Is this a no-brainer to smash accept on?

12-team dstandard scoring

RBs are Gibson, Mixon, CEH, Akers, Henderson, Gus, and Xavier

WRs are DJ Moore, Kupp, Chark, Waddle, Marshall, Elijah Moore, Hardman, Mike Williams, DPJ, and Strachan.

I’d say yes - dobbins getting heat for sharing the backfield with Edwards and Lamar, but second year RB who’s already shown he’s got the goods, would love to have him in dynasty - Akers may be better overall but also may never bounce back, big time risk - I reckon your league mate is tilting hard on the Chase news this week and wants to jump ship, be rude not to take advantage of him. Kupp will probably be better than chase this year, that’s the only reason that might slow you down, depending how confident you are you can win this year or not, also might want to get in before this weeks bengals game, just in case Chase balls out haha

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I’d hit yes on that too. Akers may never be the same as Achilles injuries are hard to recover from at the RB position and typically mean they are never as good as they were.
I would see if you can get someone else thrown in… like a Darnell Mooney. If they suggested the trade you have a little more leverage in the deal to request it.