Blockbuster: Henry Hopkins

Half PPR, 10 teams. I can start 4 WR

Got offered Hopkins and Taylor for my Henry and McLaurin

QB: Kyler
RB: Henry, Mixon, Hines, Montgomery, Gibson
WR: Golladay, Cooper, AJ Brown, McLaurin, Deebo

I’m not that strong at RB, but since I can start 4 WR I feel I can ride Taylor-Mixon duo. Plus I’d get the Kyler-Hopkins stack.


holy crap, accept this before the other guy realizes what they’re doing

Lol you think it’s that much of a auto accept? I am abit concerned about giving up the consistency of Henry (35 touches!) for Taylor without seeing Taylor in the starting role

Take it. Do it quick

What @bcherry and @hwilsonman said - smash that accept button!

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Thanks for the feedback guys but can anyone explain to me why this is a slam dunk haha

In a half PPR I would say you are getting the best player in Hopkins and really the argument can be made you are getting the better RB in Taylor.

Would be closer in standard but for me the Hopkins/Taylor side wins in all formats. Not sure what the other person is seeing to offer it to be honest - but enjoy the trade win!

Playing devils advocate, but I guess what he’s seeing is that Henry is a top RB and first round pick whereas Hopkins wasn’t. My league values RBs way more than WRs. Henry with 25+ touches is more consistent than Hopkins who likely won’t see 16 targets every game. Taylor’s ceiling is also still relatively unknown.

Dudes also got CMC so I don’t want to give him the league haha

True but Taylor is involved in the passing game and Henry just isn’t good at it.

Also if Henry has to get 30+ touches a week to produce, that O line didn’t look good either, he will break down. No one can take that much volume season long.

Hopkins, while he won’t get 16 a week he’ll 100% get double digits and the Arizona D isn’t good so they will pass a lot.

The only concern you should have about making this trade is that people will veto it it’s so lopsided

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Lol damn I really thought this discussion would be more in favour of the Henry side or at least more even

Either of you guys fancy weighing in on the below, I’m on the fence:

If it makes you feel better im still not 100% on board with the Taylor hype. Hes gonna be good but a rookie I dont see them playing with a ton of leads to just burn clock and hines is gonna be in when there down. Id be nervous about giving the herny cmc pair too.

All that being said i probably still take it. hopkins over sutton is a pretty solid upgrade and the gap between taylor and henry may not be as much as you and i apparently think

The only reason DHop didn’t go in the first round was bc people were concerned about his usage in Arizona. He was the clear #1 target, meaning that he will be a top 5 WR again for the nth time. the WR’s in this trade aren’t even close – you clearly win.

As for the Henry/Taylor debate, here’s the scoop: Yes, Henry will get touches. Guaranteed usage. You know who will also get guaranteed usage? Jonathan Taylor. Remember, Taylor was supposed to ride the bench in week 1, with maybe some usage later in the game is the Colts were winning. When Mack went down, he became the unquestioned starter, behind one of the best O-Lines in football. Also, he got 6 targets in the 2nd half alone. I did some quick research on this:

In the second half (the game was close at this point, 17-14 colts), Hines had 6 touches: 2 rush, 4 rec (on 4 tgts) while Taylor had 14 touches: 9 rush, 5 rec (6 tgts). While the colts were down (last 12 mins of the game), Hines had 4 touches (3 rec, 1 rush) while taylor had 3 (3 rec). For reference, the colts rushed 10 times and passed 25 times in the second half total. While the colts were up, Taylor was the bell-cow. When they are down, he still gets his in the passing game. And remember, Taylor was not part of the game plan. So to see so much usage so soon, especially in the pass, is extremely encouraging.

Taylor is gonna be a monster this season. Even if you come to the conclusion that this part of the trade is ~fair, the WRs should be easily push you over the edge. I hate the thought of giving someone the CMC/Henry stack, but i fear the CMC/Taylor stack even more. But, it’s your team and your decision after all, so do what you feel is the right call.


Thank you for this! This makes a lot of sense when you lay it out. Seems clear this move should make my team better. The QB-WR stack is what really intrigued me as well.

I guess my main hesitation in this is my lack of RB depth. Mixon had a poor week 1, and Taylor, while poised to be a beast, is still a rookie. There’s some question marks, whereas Henry gives me stability at the position. My WR depth is also pretty good already.

That said, the owner didn’t seem fully convinced on McLaurin; how high of a WR would you be willing to switch McLaurin for in order to still make this deal happen (Golladay, Cooper, Brown)? Or even Hines for that matter, to replace McLaurin.

I’d see how they feel about Cooper. Give me any excuse to trade away Amari Cooper and I’d take it lol

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Yup, he pivoted to Henry-Cooper now lol. I guess the Taylor hype is building

That’s a good ass break down.