Blockbuster J Taylor, Mostert, R Woods for Tyreek, Diontae Johnson, C Carson

Need some trade help here footclan!

I was just offered Reek, Carson and Diontae Johnson for my J Taylor, R Woods and R Mostert. I am already pretty deep at RB but also prioritize RB depth over pretty much everything else. That said, I am very weak at receiver. Should take this trade? What does the footclan think?

Team: (10 team, .5 ppr)

QB: J Allen
RB: J Jacobs, K Drake, J Taylor, R Mostert, A Gibson, J Robinson
WR: R Woods, AJ Brown, AJ Green, S Watkins, K Cole
TE: N Fant, J Smith

I am thinking about counter offering R Woods, R Mostert , A Gibson for Reek and Diontae Let me know what you guys think! The other owner really wants Robert Woods.

Other Team:
QB: Dak, Newton
RB: Zeke, C Carson, N Hines, T Pollard, D Swift
WR: Reek, Kupp, Deontae Johnson, J Crowder, DJ Chark
TE: Higbee, Gesicki

I like your counter more for you than the offer but the offer is also pretty good just depends on how you value carson vs taylor but you have the depth to make a move like that

I am a firm believer in Taylor. I think he finishes the season above Carson and I don’t like the murkiness of the Seattle Backfield

Dude, you and I have like the same team. I have Drake, Jacobs, JT & Hunt as my RBs and im trying to trade Hunt. I like to hoard my top RBs man… I have Woods, Gallup & DJ Moore as well at WR… You are inspiring me with this trade though. I like your counter offer the best with Mostert to go and get you a top WR and Diontae Johnson.

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I just shot back with Woods/Mostert for Reek/Diontae and he is down, I think we might be done here lmaooo

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wow… thats awesome

It hurts to part with Mostert, but honestly your team has the depth to do so.

Congrats on the fine trade good sir!

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Thank you! I agree that I was reluctant to part with him, but the 9ers have some injury problems right now and it sounds like it’s Gibson time coming up real soon