Blockbuster potential trade

.5 ppr

I give up tyrell Williams, Jordan Howard, diggs, and Fournette and get back Phillip Lindsay and lev bell

My wrs are not an issue my team is currently Hyde, t Coleman, d Moore, chark, d Jackson, d adams

I wouldn’t say wou wouldn’t have an issue at WR. Adams and Jackson still injured. Your starting wrs would be Chark and Moore. Leaves you razor thin till those other guys come back.

The guy is gonna add TY hilton as well, does this change anything?

Yes. I would be much more inclined to make that trade with Hilton a part of it.

You won the trade before Hilton. Taking out what I consider fluff, the trade would basically be:

Fournette and Williams for Bell, Lindsey and Hilton. You win in a major way. Accept before he changes his mind.

So I made that Trade and it went through, Someone then offered me mike evans and Aaron Jones for Bell and Hyde,

My only Rbs would be Jones, Coleman, and Lindsay

As someone who has won multiple titles in leagues on the backs of multiple in season trades, I’d say hold. Evans is the second best receiver on his team and jones is in a time share. Bell is a true workhorse. Work the waivers for fill in WRs because Bell should fetch a top WR.