Blockbuster Trade Assistance

Let me start by saying I want to do this trade. I have no issue trading off the number 1 player if the price is right. My main issue is the piece I’m sending with him.

I give: Gurley and Thielen/Hill
I receive: M. Gordon and Hopkins

As a Chiefs fan I love Hill but Thielen has a much safer floor. Other wideouts include Cooks, Fuller, John Brown, and DeDe.

RBs includ Ajayi, Royce, and the Peterson/Thompson duo.

Main question is who do I part with Hill or Thielen? Or am I simply giving up too much? Just interested in opinions!

I wouldn’t do that trade at all

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Care to elaborate? I think people often are scared to pull the trigger on those top 5 players. Weak sauce in my opinion. Why would you not do this trade?

Also you didn’t answer the Hill vs Thielen portion

thielen probably with a safer floor, especially if this is ppr, but trotting out dhop and hill you are going to have some 50 point weeks between them and win regardless of your other dudes.

Thielen and Hill are monsters. I honestly would keep Gurley and your receiving corps intact and would not do this trade. Hill has a higher ceiling, but I trust Andy Reid to do the right thing less than I trust a fart when I have the flu. Hill and Hunt started super hot and then they stopped being involved midway through the year… Thielen delivers in the toughest of matchups, and Hopkins could be a bit of a bust for the next few weeks until their O line get it together.

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If you do it, i’d say to keep Hill and package thielen. Depends if you want a safer WR combo of Nuke and Thielen, or a safe one in Nuke with the atomic bomb himself, Tyreek the freak. And Gurley is obviously the #1 like you said. Guess i’d just have a hard time pulling that trigger. If i could start Thielen and Hill every week i’d be giddy with the safe volume and boom potential.

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This is an interesting trade.

I agree with you that you shouldn’t be scared of trading those players. Gurley is a lock top 5, but melvin is very close to him in my opinion. I myself have pondered sending out DJ and watkins for Gordon and Cooper, if the trade offer comes back, I’m hitting accept (mainly because i have fitzgerald so that hinders my upside).

Back to your trade, I would send out thielen out of those two, simply because those weeks that hill goes off, those in my mind more than make up for an 8 point week that he may have. Thielen was peppered with targets, but he will have some average weeks every now and then as well.

My main problem with the trade is hopkins. He is a great wr, I just don’t think he is a gamebreaker like AB, julio, or obj. That being said, I am in favor of the trade 55-45 and would hit accept. Only time will tell how this will work out.

I don’t understand the idea of tinkering with the team you’ve got.

Gurley > Gordon and this year, Hill could be better than Hopkins.

If it aint broke, don’t fix it.

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On a serious note, I’d package Thielen first and keep Hill for the higher upside, especially if your league has bonuses for return yards… This is a coin flip for me because Gordon is great and is highly involved in the passing game.

Here’s my philosophy, Gurley and Gordon had nearly identical points this week (22 and 23 respectively). Hill obviously blew up but he will have his weeks where he does nothing. Thielen by all accounts had a solid game (13 fantasy points). Hopkins had a DOWN game with 11 points. Hopkins offers that TD upside and less competition for targets. That’s why I don’t have an issue pulling this trigger.

9/10 weeks I have the better upside even if I take a slight hit stud-for-stud and a lower floor

If you can do that trade with Thielen, I would do it. If its Hill, I’m holding firm.

I wouldn’t do this at all. You are giving away WAY too much

Again, elaboration is key. Why is it WAY too much?

I would give Gurley and Thielen for Gordon and Hopkins.
You’re looking at similar rb utilization and a MUCH better wr in return

Hill gives you an added dimension with his return game. The guy is a threat to take one back every time he touches the ball. That can always make up for a down game at WR. He is also the #1 guy for KC. Thielen has to compete with Diggs and sometimes Rudolph and Cook for targets. If you can trade Thielen and Gurley for Gordon/Hopkins, I’d say pull the trigger. You’re still set at RB with a top guy, and your WRs just got an upgrade with another legit #1.

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I’m happy with the responses as most of you were in line with my thinking. I was nervous sending Thielen away due to his consistency but I’m happy to take my lumps with a hometown guy. Cheetah!!!