Blockbuster trade help. Pleeeeease

I was offered
Saquon, Matt Breida and John Brown
Odell and Chubb. 12 Team PPR

You’re getting the best player in the deal; yes, do it


Hurry and hit accept

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Can I ask why you say that

I would take it for a couple reasons.

  1. You’re getting the best player in the deal, that’s always a good start
  2. You have a lot more depth and WR and essentially no reliable depth at RB so upgrading your RB 1 as well as adding another startable RB in Brieda is a win for me.
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This is mind blowing that someone would give away Barkley for Chubb, wow!

I mean it’s not just Saquon for Chubb. It’s basically Saquon for Chubb and OBJ with a couple of throw in’s (although they are decent throw ins). I can see it from both sides.

True but you are getting the better of the trade. You could plug in Woods for your Wideout 2 and be good.

Not saying the guy getting Saquon isn’t getting the better end, but the other guy isn’t getting an awful deal especially if he’s weak at WR and has another solid RB. It’s one of those where the trade might actually work for both teams.


Good Point!

Perfectly said.