Blockbuster Trade Help

10 team standard. I was just offered Antonio Brown and Dez for Freeman and Amari. I immediately thought I was a great trade for me but I realized that since I was not getting a running back back my rbs would be taking a hit. That being said I would have the option of running Antonio and Jordy as my wr1/2 with the option of either dez or hilton as my flex. Would the hit to my running back core be worth it? PS I am leading my league at 4-1

QB is: Aaron Rodgers
RBs are : Freeman, K Hunt, Abdullah, Kamara, Morris, Mcfadden
WRs are: Jordy, Hilton, Demarius Thomas, Pryor, Amari
TE: Reed
D/ST: Jags
K: Succop

PSS: I previously posted this question but I no longer have Montgomery due to a trade conflict

I would do it. Kareem Hunt is basically two RBs in one most weeks and the rest are serviceable RB2s.

Do it man. You have enough depth at RB and could easily turn Hilton or Dez into another solid RB if you need to but like he said above, you have some decent RB2s in your lineup already.

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I am going to say hold off if I’m honest. I have Freeman and hunt and plan on running with them into play offs. They are both legitimate rb1s and RBS are falling like flies atm. If hunt goes down you’re in trouble unless you have Freeman as backup.

Dez and brown are great but you don’t need dez really in this.

In a vacuum the trade is a good one but with your team and record I think I’d hold. It is a tough one and would defiantly understand if you accepted. You could always package dez/Hilton/jordy with an rb2 for another rb1

Do it! You might get another quality out of the dallas duo and if zekes suspension doesn’t hold up you can still package one your wrs to trade for an rb

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