BLockbuster trade! HELP

All his players are up for trade. He wants to trade a bundle. Players i want from him are
AB/Julio/ dalvin cook/ royce freeman. Mainly trying to get AB off his hands.

The players he wants from me is FOURNETTE/CMC/THIELEN/DIGGS/BALDWIN

whats a good trade that is even for both sides?

You think he will do FOURNETTE/diggs or theilen for AB /Cook?

Is that a fair trade?

If you want Brown then Fournette is your best option for him.

EDIT: I think I misread your post. I thought you suggested 2 trade offers, 1 being Fournette for Diggs and the other being Theilen for AB or Cook.

I now realize you mean Fournette AND Diggs for Theilen AND Brown or Cook. In which case I still think, if I’m the Brown/Cook owner, I’d need a little more than Fournette/Diggs to compensate. I like the combo of Brown and Cook moreso than the combo of Fournette and Diggs.

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straight up?

Honestly depends on the rest of your roster. Do you have the depth to trade Fournette and Thielen? I think that’s a fair offer for AB but I dunno if you have the ability to absorb that or not.

I don’t like that you have both Thielen and Diggs so would certainly look to move one of them.

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LOL nono.

im thinking about offering him

Fournette and Diggs OR thielen

for his AB and dalvin cook

I’m with you now. It’s worth offering, he may go for that.

yea, but thielen kept dropping. so i had to pick up that value

for my running backs if that trade goes through, it will be

Dalvin cook

and my WR will be

Doug baldwin