Blockbuster trade involving obj

I need your help footclan. Currently 2-2 in my 10 man league. I’m a little short on rb depth. I was offered this: Ingram, alshon and kerryon Johnson for obj, Howard and Marvin Jones. I’m stuck on this as I think eventually obj has got to break out but my rbs right now are David Johnson, Howard, James conner and Williams. We depth is decent, other than obj I habe Baldwin, golladay, boyd, Mike Williams. I don’t know what to do

Bump, guy wants to know my answer asap

I don’t think it’s the worst offer, just not the best.

Ingram = ??? seriously we don’t know what he’ll be.
Alshon - beast
kerryon - becoming an every week play

OBJ - Game changer on a bad team (i traded to get him)
Howard - meh
MJJ - slowly becoming the #3 and you still have kenny g.

Your roster aver would be like Boyd, Williams, Kenny G, and Alshon, which is solid.
RBs - DJ, Ingram, Kerryon, Conner - also solid.

So I don’t hate the trade, i think you’re selling a little short but this might just be what you get. I traded Hogan and Lynch for OBj so the value just isn’t there.