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Blockbuster Trade - Need Help


Hey FootClan,

I’m in a 3-keeper dynasty style PPR league. Basically, you get 3 keepers, doesn’t cost you anything. I’ve been blessed with LeVeon Bell since 2013. I’ve not given up on him so this isn’t a panic sell by any means, but I got a huge offer that I’m seriously debating.

The guy in my league that has David Johnson offered me Julio, Hilton, Lynch, and next years first round pick for Bell. This seems to me a ridiculous offer and I’m finding hard to decline but haven’t had the balls to accept. I’m 1-1 as my team took a shit in week 1 (lowest score in the league) but scored the highest point total in week 2. My fear is that my roster would be very WR heavy but I can’t see another offer like this coming around again. Trading in this league is stingy.

Current Roster:

  • QB Derek Carr
  • WR Mike Evans
  • WR Michael Thomas
  • RB Lev Bell
  • RB CJ Anderson
  • TE Kelce
  • FLEX Diggs
  • K Streaming
  • DEF Houston

  • BN Doug Martin
  • BN Jordan Matthews
  • BN Delanie Walker
  • BN Terrance West
  • BN Rex Burkhead


I think it’s a fair offer but you’re right you would become WR heavy. Roster is nice and balanced right now. Plus dude that roster is stacked! Especially with Martin coming back soon, I’d stick with Bell.


If it means that you get 2 picks in the first round next year and your league is 12 teams or less then I would take it.


It’s a 12 team league and I’d have 2 first round picks. We also have a rule where each team has 3 predraft keeper slots which are tradeable. I could potentially trade one of the 1st round picks for a keeper slot and keep 4 from my roster next season.


Another twist to this trade has just developed. Jimmy Graham owner is offering me Mixon for Delanie Walker. Do you think Mixon could be a potential keeper replacement for Bell?


I would take the initial trade in a heartbeat.


Thanks roan60,

The other party has since yanked Hilton from the deal and instead added more picks. So the current offer:

I Receive

  • Julio
  • Lynch
  • 2018 1st
  • 2018 3rd
  • 2019 3rd

He Receives

  • Bell
  • Jordan Matthews
  • 2018 6th
  • 2018 7th
  • 2019 7th


I would take the deal due to the 1st round pick. Try and package a 2-1 deal later when Martin comes back, but that first rounder is so key. That first deal was ridiculous, even with pulling Hilton out you’re still getting the better deal.


If I knew for sure that Bell was leaving Pittsburgh this offseason I wouldn’t think twice. But I guess if that were the case I wouldn’t have gotten the trade offer.


I am in agreement with sadpanda.