Blockbuster trade offer but will it really help me?

So I got offered a trade of giving up my Mike Evans and Alvin Kamara for Leonard Fournette.
My current team is:
Russel Wilson
K. Hunt
Dez Bryant
Ted ginn jr
Greg Zurlein
Jaguars Defense
Bench: Melvin Gordon (Bye), Derrick Henry, Breida, Ekeler, Corey Davis, and Devonte Booker

I am hesitant for the reasons that so far my team has gotten me to 7-1 so making any changes to this “formula” worries me. Also hesitant because if Evans goes, I have Dez as my Wr1 and Ginn as my WR2. But the thought of having Hunt, Gordon, and Fournette is so juicy, don’t know if it would necessarily improve my team though, considering that Kamara and Evans get just as many points together as Fournette does.
Please offer some input to help me with this crazy offer, thanks!

I wouldn’t do it. You said it yourself, you’re 7-1 no need to panic. Yeah you’d be upgrading at RB but you don’t need to upgrade at RB and your WR’s would take a serious hit. You can just as easily flip Kamara for a solid WR 2 and then flip Evans if you want cuz you’ll have the depth.

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I would focus on getting a better WR2. Dez has been mia a lot this season.

Awesome, Yes I was thinking I should just keep my team and try to get a better receiver. Just the big name of fournette paired up with hunt and gordon sounded so good but I think its better for my team to keep Kamara and Evans. Thank you guys so much for the input, appreciate it!