Blockbuster Trade Offer In Dynasty, do I accept this?

It’s a full ppr format, with half point for 1st downs.

I was offered Kamara, Mike Williams, and a 2020 2nd round pick with me giving up CMC, Ito Smith, and Diontae Johnson.

I already traded Beckham and a 2020 2nd round pick to get CMC

My other top wrs are Thielen, Golladay, Metcalf, Fuller,Crowder, I have Kelce as my TE.

I have Mack, Justice Hill, Breida, Hines, McGuire,as some of my rbs.

Do I take the offer?

Thanks in advance!

Kamara and CMC are pretty equal, just a matter of who you’re higher on, so I’d look at the other pieces involved, which would be acquiring Williams an extra round 2 pick next year for Ito and Johnson. Ito, to me, is really only a handcuff, and we don’t know what Johnson is or will be. We know Mike Williams has top 15 potential.

I think I would make the trade. You’re giving up two players this year who likely will never see your starting lineup for a player who probably will. Plus I like Kamara better than CMC for the long-term, because I don’t see CMC sustaining his snap % for too much longer, and Kamara has been insanely effective without being overused. The only fear would be Ito actually stepping in to the starting role with a Freeman injury, and Johnson becoming a stud, but I don’t see that breakout happening this year, if at all.

Look at what the trade really is…

If you make this trade it would be you trading OBJ, Ito Smith, DIontae Johnson, and your position in the 2020 2nd round For Kamara and Mike Williams.

I would take that all day

So I made the trade, but it was changed a little bit.

I traded CMC, my 2021 2nd round pick, Ito Smith, and Diontae Johnson for Kamara, Mike Williams, and Sterling Shepard.

I definitely like the Kamara side. him and cmc are basically the same for me, with Kamara slightly higher, than mike Williams is much better than ito smith and johnson

Smash accept. Never look back.


Great trade dude! I’m super excited for Kamara and Mike Williams this year and beyond

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