Blockbuster Trade Offer - Please Help!

12 Team Standard Scoring. I’m 2-3 (7th place) and I’m 2nd in scoring.

I was offered: Kamara & Kittle

For: Carson, Adams, and Coleman

My RBs are Cook, Carson, Coleman, and Montgomery
My WRs are Adams, Hilton, Boyd, Fitzgerald, and Samuels
My TEs are Olsen and Howard.

What do you guys think?

It’s nice because you upgrade at TE a lot, the upgrade at RB is nice… but you need WR help.

I think you are probably starting Cook/Carson every week… but you will be left pretty thin at WR and is the difference between Olsen > Howard worth the Downgrade from Adams to Boyd or whoever you will have to start instead?

It’s a tough call imo

I’m just worried about when Adams will return. He hasn’t practiced yet, it could be 1 more week, it could be 3.

Pro: Getting the best player in the trade in Kamara; Awesome upgrade at TE plus let’s you free up two bench spots since Kittle is past bye; you have the WR depth to lose a WR

Con: Severely thin at RB after trade; lose top end WR talent with Adams gone plus AJ Green coming back to eat targets from Boyd

This is a depth trade, other team wants what you have with options at RB, but you get the best player in the trade. Have you tried substituting a different WR for Adams?

yeah he’s firm on Adams.

The thing is I can pick up 2 of Miles Sanders, Tarik Cohen, or Jamal Williams off waivers as they were just dropped. So I’d increase my RB depth, albeit, not with anything extraordinary, but get some more depth nonetheless.

And I might be able to package Olsen with someone for John Brown.

I was also offered OBJ & DJ for Cook. I think that is worth considering, especially if I do this deal. I’d have:

Winston, Brissett
Kamara, DJ, Monty, Sanders, Cohen
OBJ, Hilton, Boyd, Fitz, Samuels, and R. Anderson

Yeah that was my next question, if there’s depth on the waiver wire at RB for you I’m more inclined.
Kamara > Carson
Kittle >< Adams
Waiver RB << Coleman
Kittle past bye > Adams injured + bye

It’s close. But Carson/Adams is a lot. If you’re into looking ahead, Adams schedule gets tough down the stretch. Something to think about.

So basically
Kamara = Cook
DJ = Carson
OBJ = Adams
Kittle over Olsen > Coleman over Waiver RB

Yeah Adams has a nice stretch of games, but is he going to be available for it is the question, and with being 2-3 I’m nervous to take the risk. Also because I’m already down 27 points to zero so far this week thanks to my opponent having Patriots DST.

and true… now that I think about my team is essentially just swapping names and keeping the value if I make both of those trades. I do think Kamara has a much bigger chance to score you 25-40 points over Chris Carson. I don’t know haha, this is tough.

The Cook deal makes me nervous, you’re inheriting risk, how is DJ’s back? Plus OBJ hasn’t proved it

And the idea of Kamara and Cook is salivating. Keep Cook. See if you can get Kamara/Kittle for Carson/Adams and find a way to keep Coleman

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thanks john, appreciate the insight!

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is this a solid move?