Blockbuster Trade.. Opinions needed

I’m trading with the 0-6 guy in my league…
I’m giving up Conner, Stafford, Golladay for Elliot, Brees, and Gordon or Ridley

Who wins this trade ROS?

elliot and brees side wins this trade by longshot

Would you offer

Conner, Golladay, and stafford


Elliot and Brees straight up and forget about adding Gordon or Ridley?

I mean if you can get Gordon I’d go for him too, just not a dealbreaker. Gordon finally getting volume and building a connection with Brady. (9 targets, not bad at all)

I thought this meant Melvin Gordon or Steven Ridley for a solid 30 seconds and I just sat here bamboozled trying to figure out what on God’s green earth was going on.

Even if it was Steven Ridley you’re winning this trade, but I think I’d rather have Gordon than Calvin (he’s quickly becoming a huge part of that offense stats nonwithstanding).

But why does an 0-6 team want James Conner? Try to hold onto him if you can and give up someone with more immediate value but a lower ceiling. He’s worth stashing if you can manage it