BLOCKBUSTER trade. Should I do it? Very worried lowest team scoring in league

1-2 record. Lowest team in the league by far.

Trade is my Howard, Gronk and Tate, for Mccafrey, Thielen and Funchess.

Team is
Cooks/D. Thomas
Tate/ Hogan
Kenyan Drake

Aaron Jones
Dion lewis

Should I do it? I am starting to get very worried about my teams point totals.

Is this PPR? If so, then this trade bodes well for you aside from the Funchess part. That’s my one hold up. Also do you have another TE option? If you have to downgrade a ton at TE, then this might not be a good idea.

Its a standard point league. He has Kyle Rudolph which I can see if I can incorporate in the trade. But, I don’t have any TE option, I would be streaming.

I know but my team hasn’t been scoring. I am very high on CMC I truly believe he has top 3-5 rb potential this year. I also want to get my hands on cam newton. I believe the panthers have one of the most friendly fantasy teams in the league. Everything runs through newton, CMC and Funchess, specially with Olsen out.

I am desperate and might be willing to do this trade.

I think the trade def makes your team better. YOu will be able to start all 3 players right away, benching hogan and drake and putting these guys in. Stream a TE and you should be fine, nbd

I would only take the trade if you feel comfortable at streaming TEs. I would almost say take funchess out for rudolf.

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I agree with @Huck, try to replace Funchess with Rudolph in that trade, but even if you can’t do that, I would still accept the trade.
You won’t be able to replace Gronk at TE but the other upgrades make it worth it.
You can likely stream at TE and be ok.
Accept that trade IMO. The Panthers offense runs through CMC almost as much as it runs through Cam.

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