BLOCKBUSTER Zeke and Saquon need Help

10man .5ppr I am looking to make a move that I would both be happy with and shore up a roster spot so I can pick up Dede from waivers.
I would be trading away:Zeke Mixon Montgomery
And receiving in return:Saquon and Kerryon
My team:
QB: Jameis Winston (just for the week josh Allen is coming off bye)
RB:CMC, Zeke, Mixon and Montgomery
WR:Godwin, Odell, Woods, John Brown, Sutton

Should I make this deal?? Saquon has a great playoff schedule and will most likely be back next week and Kerryon has a great workload and is past his bye week. This won’t hurt RB depth too much as kerryon will be past bye and there are a few RBs on waivers I could pick up (AP, Royce, Penny)
Thanks FootClan!!!

So much yes on this trade. Mixon and Montgomery combined don’t equal Kerryon so far this season imo and Saquon was 1.1 for a reason

I would do it, Kerryon has looked great so far this seaon and he is past his bye week. Cowboys offense seems more tailored for Dak to make big throws down the field rather then feeding zeke like pervious years. Barkley if he returns healthy will have a great second half of season matchup wise.