Blocking Players

My opponent has Gurley, so I scooped up his hand cuffs 2 days ago. Yesterday I dropped them and picked up a couple of other playable backs, knowing the 2 day waiting period would block him from picking up those players. Now he is complaining, calling me pathetic. I think it is a harsh move, but ultimately consider it playing defense. I want to win, and will do what it takes as long as I break no rules.

What do you guys think? Am I being pathetic? Is this cheating?

I think this is fine. The pickup-and-drop is easier to see as being shady since it is more obvious that you are doing it JUST to block their options, but I don’t think it breaks any rules and is a way of playing defence. I also picked up players to stop my opponent from having some RB options but I kept them on my team.

I did the same to the Cam owner with Dak and Allen. I only dropped Dak and did it to pick up CJ Anderson since I am Gurley owner and already had Kelly so it didn’t look as bad, but this is fine. This is the time of year where it can be more valuable to block than worry about having some RBBC on your bench.

Some people are never going to like it. Most of them are the types that don’t want to do any extra leg work and just let the guys play it out.

That’s not cheating. It’s a defensive strategy. He should have had scooped up those handcuffs already.

…now in my league the team that is playing for third, I passed by and said “Hey man! You’re playing for third! There’s great players on waivers that could really help you out! Dak is out there, Williams is out there… It’s not over keep playing!” I didn’t mention that I know the person I’m playing in championship would probably go for them.

-so that’s a little bit of cheating…maybe manipulating. Either way, suck it Cas! (my opponent).

Yeah that’s a bit of sneakiness. You are getting someone to borderline collude without them even really knowing it.

I don’t feel bad- I heard through grapevine that my opponent has tried offering cash to other managers so they can drop valuable players and he pick them up.

Yeah. That’s certainly collusion. There is nothing wrong with giving someone a nudge ‘not to give up’. I don’t think I would point them to specific players but I get it.