Blood In The Water.. I Want A Championship!

ALRIGHT! I’m 5-2 and I’m psyched! Thielen is playing at unseen levels, and I have Todd Gurley. But… I do have a tough opponent this week, and I am annoyed with my FLEX situation right now.

I have a picture of my current squad here. I am looking for trade targets at I’m guessing WR, since it feels kinda fringe to me. Any advice on what to do?!

Also want to note that Enunwa is currently in my IR spot, so that’s why you see him there.

Take Howard and package it together to get a WR2.

Or take Chubb+ and package it together for a high WR2 low WR1.

That’s what I was thinking, I’m just a bit annoyed with Howard right now. It’s so hard to tell what he can be, while Chubb is going to get volume.

Any specific names I should target at WR?

Brandin Cooks is a favorite of mine. Price might be manageable now given injury one week and relateively quiet week last week.

Kupp is good too if you’re getting him off injury.

Kenny G is a good buy low after a bad week.

ANd on waivers, you can try and snag someone like TreQuan if he’s still there. Snagged in my leagues where he was available before the bye.