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Blount for dez?


Legarrette blout for dez Bryant? standard league. my wr’s- brandin cooks, martavis bryant, sterling sheppard, maclin… rb’s are - leveon, fournette, Abdullah, cohen, smallwood… Not really sure what to do after blounts last gae and dez kinda under radar this season… advice appreciated big time! counter offer abdulah for dez maybe?


Wait have you been offered dez for blount,or are you offering in hope they accept?!?!

100%take that deal if it’s being offered!!!

No matter what roster line up you have Blount is unreliable and dez is a stud!!


I was offered dez for blount. Dez has been kinda borderline as well that wouldn’t scare you? Appreciate the reply I think I’m gonna go for it.


Ye I do believe in dez but it’s also I really don’t in Blount. He’s that kind of player that will get 2 tds a couple of games a season but it’s so unpredictable you won’t know when his floor is too low to guarantee starting each week.

I wish I got deals like that in my league