Who do I play in my flex today? It’s a standard scoring league

I think either sanu or mccaffery. Denvers run defense is too scary to me to start blount, especially with ajayi possibly getting a few carries here and there. I wanna lean towards sanu since mccaffery is better played in PPR but with kelvin gone and olsen still out he could definitely see some more catches/yards. I don’t think you could go wrong with either of those two to be honest. Good luck today!

Mccaffery seems like smart start. Benjamin out of the picture he might see a more targets

In standard league I would be tempted to play Blount. The way Wentz is playing I could see some big plays or PI calls getting them near the goal line where Blount should get the carries.

I agree I wouldn’t start mccaffrey in standard bc he doesn’t score tds. I would lean toward Blount for goal line carries

The only argument I have for Sanu over McCaffrey is that he has been getting the most targets for the falcons, but that hasn’t necessarily equaled great numbers. Yeah, McCaffery is the go to