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PPR RB’s I have:


Would you trade Hyde & Martin for a top 5 RB? I am feeling more and more confident in riding McKinnon to the ship but the other two RB’s are about the same level and get me a consistent 8-15 points. I would like to have someone that explodes. Would that leave me too thin at Rb? I am 4-4 and have a lot of depth at WR

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Yes two middle level guys for an elite guy is always a good trade. You can always go to the wire and virtually supplant your opening with another mediocre candidate.

Hyde and Mack for Fournette is a prime example.

I was thinking about that. I am not sure if someone will go for it but I mine as well try.

Doubt it. I wouldn’t. But you could maybe get Kamara for that trade or Chris Thompson and either would benefit our more. May also have to find a weakness for the trading partner like TE or WR and throw one of those backs and your backup candidates for those positions instead of two backs.

I was actually thinking about that. at WR I have

I have been rostering 3 TE’s for a solid trade. One of the guys in my league has

Gordon, Hunt, Crabtree, and Michael Thomas

His TE’s are all hurt with season injuries. Would you go for a RB? I have Ertz, Brate, and Doyle lol

I’d go Hyde and Doyle for a pretty solid back. Both have decent trade value. Go after Thompson or Kamara for those two IMO.

Ingram may be another you could get with that trade. Or Freeman, maybe. You really have to sell Doyle as undervalued and find the guy really needing a TE but stacked at RB

How about Brate and Jordy for Crabtree?

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