BONJOUR - Looking for Five Members (Chilled/Default scoring)

Hi all,

Looking for five members for a hometown league. We are a group of Scots with varying experience levels in fantasy. Some are completely new to american football and fantasy, so it is more of a chilled league. We enjoy banter and a lot of sarcasm.

If you would like to join, reply or message! Details are below:

Draft = 1pm ET Tuesday 3rd September 2019 (I know it’s not ideal timing, but we are UK based)

QB RB RB WR WR WR/RB TE K DST and 6x Bench
Waivers reverse order of standing


Still need people? I’m down to join but the link just takes me to

Hi there, I’m also happy to join if you need more people. Let me know!

I’ll play!