Bonus Scoring Draft Strategy

Hey everyone. I am joining a new 0.5 PPR 12 Team league but this league rewards points to high performing skill positions that I’m not used to seeing. There are a lot of bonuses including:

  1. 2 points at 300 yards passing and 2 points at 400 yards passing
  2. 2 points at 100 yards rushing; 2 more points at 150 yards rushing
  3. 2 points at 100 yards receiving; 2 more points at 150 yards receiving
  4. 1 point for 40+ yard completion and 2 points for 40+ yard passing TDs
  5. 1 point for 40+ yard run and 2 points for 40+yard rushing TDs
  6. 1 point for 40+ yard receptions and 2 points for 40+ yard receiving touchdowns

Should this change my draft strategy at all? It appears every position is rewarded for high upside performances. Maybe it means straying away from my typical late QB drafting strategy/loading up on RBs/WRs (i.e. DJ, Kareem Hunt, Demaryius Thomas) and aiming for home run hitters like DJ, Aaron Rodgers, and Gronk? What do you guys think??

I am in a league like this. It doesn’t really do much because every position has the bonus. I will say it does the most for WR deep threats. Pretty much all/most of the QB will hit 300 and RB 100. The WR are the ones to make the long TD happen. TE and RB occasionally do but mostly WR. This would bump up guys like AJ, TY, Thomas, Parker, Cooks. Guys with speed and can catch deep ones. Ted Ginn would be awesome sleeper in this league


Thank you! Great insight!

Just like getting the 2 point conversion, the bonuses are hard to predict and don’t move the needle much when it comes to the overall scoring that a player will earn. I don’t modify my strategy with bonuses.