Boom Boom Kicker Help!

Need some kicker help this week… should I go with my guy all season in matt Bryant or the kiss of death Monday Night in Chris Boswell? Also Gould is available but I hate his matchup… thanks anyone and everyone!

I would go Bosewell. Sweet matchup and it’s in a dome. So no weather factors

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I’m kind of leaning that way myself since Boswell has a pretty safe floor and a huge cieling. Bryant also plays a dome though in a huge game against NO and has been consistent for me since draft day. Just dude Im playings team is very good so I need this win. Its a rematch of last years championship which I lost. I have gone to the championship 3 years in a row, won 2 years ago, lost last year, and hoping to win it all again this year and avenge last years loss! Need that Title!!