Boone, Washington or Mostert

I’ve lost both Godwin and Jacobs for my championship game. Looking for high upside. I’m starting mixon and need one more RB. Standard scoring. Thanks!

I’m in a similar situation. I have Boone, Washington, and Singletary and having a tough time choosing. Currently I’m leaving Boone because he has the best matchup and he looked good last week.

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That’s how I am leaning as well. That’s tough between Singletary and Boone. I think you go Boone and stay away from that’s pats d.

Im starting to lean Boone … im in the same boat having both Mostert and Boone. If both Mattison and Cook are ruled out (which they should be sometime tomorrow) Boone will be the #1 and only have to compete agianst Ameer Abdullah in pass work.

Boones ceiling i think is higher than Mostert and I personally need the higher upside play to win this week.

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I am going with Boone over Washington. Watched the touches from the last game and he runs very hard. Think he will put everything into the game against the Packers to make a name for himself. Washington has been around and has less to prove. Also playing him over Kupp, Woods, and Chark.

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i have both boone and Mostert too. Boone is a good RB too, and Minnesota is #2 in running, so i hope i make a good choice with Boone