Bortles or Dalton?

My team is strong but I stream QB. I was just not going to pay more than $1 for a QB. I started out with Tyrod and now have gravitated to Dalton.

Bortles looks like a juicy matchup but if I give up Dalton and he does well I’m probably stuck with Bortles. Rest of my league they all keep two QB’s for some reason.

I don’t see much difference in either this week but maybe a little more consistency with Dalton long haul. If and when Fournette returns Bortles likely goes into hibernation.

If you’re talking ROS, I like Dalton better.

I picked up Bortles for this week and sat Dalton. My league keeps two QBs as well so I did not want to drop Dalton, especially since i have Boyd as well.

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If not for a couple of critical injuries for Mia’s D, I’d roll with Borltes. Things just got a little easier for him. And as bad as KC’s D is , they do play better at home.

I think both though will do well this week.

Who is out for fins?

CB Bobby McCain
DE Cameron Wake

Might play but not looking good. Certainly playing limited.

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