Bortles or goff in championship?

Bortles at San Fran
Goff at tenn (who is without two of their normal CBs)

My gut has been bortles all week. But now I’m second guessing myself today. I’m in the championship game and playing a stacked team.

What does the #footclan think is optimal?!? I can’t decide!!

Scary to think my season may be in the hands of Blake bortles…

Bortles… Im playing Goff… over flacco though

I’m playing Bortles over Brady if that helps sway your opinion.

THANks guys. I think that just reinforced my thoughts. I’ll roll with the borts.

Good luck all!

Never trust Bortles… Ever

Both actually did great today. Bortles got 26 and Goff got 37 in our PPR league.

29 points in my league, the garbage man can!

He had like 3 points at half time when I said not to trust him…


Yeah. He pulled it off major in the end. And didn’t mean that as a contradiction to you @Badgertrav. He’s been questionable many a time this year. They all have pretty much at one point this season. LOL…look at what Cousins did to me today!!! Sat him over Alex Smith!!!:rage:

Oh I know, I was kidding and very much sweating it at half time.

I went with bortles. Was a little sick to my stomach after three quarters, given goffs game from earlier. Turned out ok tho…

I’m down 1 point going into tomorrow. He has alshon and I have juju, Crabtree, and ertz.

I’ve basically got it locked up right?!?!

I hope so buddy. Especially with JuJu…cuz he’s my only shining star left. LOL…I need an amazingly incredible 23 pts from him tomorrow vs my opponent’s Eagles DST!!! I know that’s grasping…but…hey…IT CAN HAPPEN…RIGHT??? (please say yes…please say yes…please say yes)!!! :pray:

It’s possible… hope you’re in a Ppr league… or maybe 100 yd or big play bonus league…

Yep…full PPR.

And …for what it’s worth…I have a good feeling with Crabtree and Ertz!!! Thinking really, really, really hard for you buddy!!! Best of luck with them and JuJu!!! Christmas hugs from one FFB chatter to another!!! Have a very safe and wonderful holiday season my friend!!!:christmas_tree:

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You too my friend!!

All let’s root for all the juju!!!

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Well…so much for that. JuJu tried, bless his heart. Got me 19 of the 23 I needed from him. Now just praying to the FFB Gods for Philly DST to go -9. LOL…like that’s gonna happen. Rooting for Crabtree and Ertz now for you @cwunderlich . :crossed_fingers: