Boss's Work League

I kinda get muscled into my boss’s league at my work year after year. It’s an odd league with the scoring and other things. Last year, without a vote, he decided that he wanted to make it a 1 player keeper. Since it’s my boss, I just sort of rolled with it without much push back. In anticipation of that happening again this season or the possibility of adding more keepers, I recently went and looked at the waiver and, oh boy…David Johnson, Beckham, Rodgers, Dalvin Cook, Deshaun Watson. So, do I load up? Is this in bad taste? When do I pull the trigger (I’m close to being eliminated from playoff contention) Who should I go after?

No it is not. If you’re out of contention for playoff, and there is a possibility of more than 1 keeper, I would load them all on my bench. It’s called planning ahead. If they don’t like it, then they can kick you out. You’re playing by the rules. Win won.

I would def do this. Just make sure there werent any keeper restrictions last year. IE - did you have to draft the player to be able to keep them, do you have to give up a certain pick based on when they were drafted this year, have to be on your roster for a certain amount of time, etc etc.
That said, go for it and its DJ/OBJ/Cook for me.