Boston Scott

After listening to The #FootCast I traded Ryquell Armstead for Boston Scott. It means absolutely nothing but I was proud of myself. haha


Boston Scott is my dark house pick when I redraft in August, Will be a clear RB2 behind Sanders and lots of TD upside. With the Eagles looking to clear out the RB committee. My only issue being interest in Devont’a Freeman and Carlos Hyde when Corey Clement is cut in training camp. Chris Thompson at Jags is a High Risk High Reward Pick up, in the event Jags don’t invest in Fournette long term could carve out a James White type of role.


I drafted Boston Scott in my dynasty league two years ago. Last year he looked like the guy he was billed to be. For what it is worth, he profiles to be much better than just a scat back. I think people who view him as a Cohen type are missing out on what he brings. Strong and smart, he understands the position and is one of those ‘student’ type players. While I am in no way predicting him to overtake Sanders, I could easily see this being more like 55/35/10 for the PHI RBBC. For the massive discount I’d grab Scott even late in redraft for depth / Flex appeal.

All that said, I am equally high on Ryquell. The biggest difference is we have seen Scott get the shot and kill it. We are hoping Armstead gets that chance. This does not mean you made a mistake, but if you have other leagues I would look to target both as depth plays. Do not give up the farm, but I am trying to get them where I can.

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