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Bounce Back Players, Favorite Fantasy Offenses


Originally published at: https://www.thefantasyfootballers.com/podcast/bounce-back-players-favorite-fantasy-offenses/

The Fantasy Footballers are back again and ready to identify their favorite bounce back candidates. This after the quick question of the day: Which NFL offense is your favorite for fantasy football in 2017? Finally, to end the show, Andy, Mike, and Jason dive into the mailbag to answer some listener fantasy questions. Prep your…


I think that the New England offense will be amazing this year. Brady and Gronk will finish top 3 at their positions, if they are healthy. Edelman and Cooks have the ability to finish the season as a WR1. Then you have a multitude talented of RBs that are wildcards. I don’t know if there is NFL offense with more talent top to bottom than the Patriots.


New England has to at the top; however, LA Chargers or NY Giants. Rivers with two top TEs, especially an up and coming in Hunter Henry. If Keenan Allen stays healthy, Tyrell Williams, talented rookie Mike Williams, and Melvin Gordon running the ball. That’s going to be tuff to beat. Giants really intrigue me now with picking up Brandon Marshall in the off season. OBJ and Shepherd is very talented in the slot. Rookie TE Evan Engram. Eli will have plenty of weapons. Paul Perkins still an unknown, but he started to come on towards the end of the season. I’ll be enjoying these offenses this year! I’m a BEARS fan, so hope they make the list the next few years!