Boy oh boy... trade J. Jacobs and Edelman for M. Thomas?


Big predicament. Should I trade Josh Jacobs and Julian Edelman for Michael Thomas?

I HESITATE TRADING JACOBS BECAUSE I SEE A WORLD WHERE HE FINISHES TOP 5 ROS & I START HIM OVER CHUBB EVENTUALLY - but Jacobs is currently not starting, so my starting lineup would improve… MT>Edelman

My current RBs include Dalvin, Chubb - with TY Johnson, Singletary, Jacobs (and Mattison handcuff)

MT would start over Edelman, along w/ Hopkins and Golladay. Please let me know!!

Any thoughts?

Being standard I think I’d lean towards keeping what youve got. Don’t get me wrong Michael Thomas is the best player in that trade but a lot of his production is at bing the ball. Then like you said Jacobs has a great RoS schedule that could make him more valuable. I feel RBs are a lot more valuable in standard

This was the mindset I had… so thanks for the input - I appreciate it. I realize MT might be the “best” player in trade but i didn’t want to get blinded by that. Thanks again